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100 g100 kcal
Dried Pasilla PeppersPeppers, pasilla, dried17880.
Dried Ancho PeppersPeppers, ancho, dried10220.
Dried ChivesFreeze-dried Chives34150.91.55.9206600NANA108
Dried ShallotsFreeze-dried Shallots10.30.111.6803900.183.9116
Onions FlakesDry Onions Flakes10.50.10.991.607500.183.8166
Dried ParsleyFreeze-dried ParsleyNA1.042.26101.3801490NANA194
GarlicRaw Garlic00.
Dried LeeksFreeze-dried Leeks140.
Drumstick LeavesRaw Drumstick Leaves3780.260.662.221.2051.70NANA40
Dry CarrotDehydrated Carrot34230.530.426.571.04014.605.4510855
Dried PepeaoPepeao, dried00.830.3530.9501.40NANA160
Hearts Of PalmRaw Hearts Of Palm30.
Potato FlourPotato flour00.
Fireweed LeavesRaw Fireweed Leaves1800.030.144.670.6302.20NANA112
Potherb JuteRaw Potherb Jute2780.130.551.260.60370NANA123
KanpyoDried gourd stripsNA00.042.90.5300.20NANA61
Hungarian PeppersRaw Hungarian Peppers410.
Red Hot Chili PeppersRaw Red Hot Chili Peppers480.
Serrano PeppersRaw Serrano Peppers470.050.081.540.5104500.691223

Vitamins in Top 30 Vegetables with the highest Vitamin B6 content per 100g

In the above table you can find and compare the amount of vitamins in all vegetables , sorted by Max Amount of Vitamin B6 per 100 grams.

Top 5 vegetables with max amount of vitamin b6 per 100 grams are:

  1. Dried Pasilla Peppers
  2. Dried Ancho Peppers
  3. Freeze-dried Red Sweet Peppers
  4. Freeze-dried Chives
  5. Freeze-dried Shallots