Nutrients DB
Dry CarrotDehydrated Carrot34230.50.46.571014.605.4510855
Dried ChivesFreeze-dried Chives34150.91.55.9206600NANA108
Dried Pasilla PeppersPeppers, pasilla, dried17880.
Grape LeavesRaw Grape Leaves137600.352.360.40110210983
Dried Ancho PeppersPeppers, ancho, dried10220.
Canned Carrot JuiceCarrot juice, canned9560.
Tomato PowderTomato powder8620.90.769.10.46011701248.8120
Boiled CarrotsBoiled and Drained Carrots8520.0700.60.1503.60113.714
CarrotsRaw Carrots8350.070.0610.105.900.661319
Canned PumpkinCanned Pumpkin no Salt77800.050.370.0604.201.061612
Frozen CarrotsFrozen Carrots, Unprepared710000.460.102.500.5717.610
Sweet PotatoRaw Sweet Potato7090.080.060.560.202.400.261.811
Baby CarrotsRaw Baby Carrots690000.560.102.60NA9.427
Frozen SpinachUnprepared Frozen Spinach5860.
LambsquartersRaw Lambsquarters5800.
Turnip GreensRaw Turnip Greens5790.
Canned CarrotsCanned Carrots Solids558000.550.102.700.79.89
Boiled SpinachBoiled and Drained Spinach5240.

Vitamins in Top 50 Vegetables with the highest Vitamin A content per 100g

In the above table you can find and compare the amount of vitamins in all vegetables , sorted by Max Amount of Vitamin A per 100 grams.

Top 5 vegetables with max amount of vitamin a per 100 grams are:

  1. Freeze-dried Red Sweet Peppers
  2. Dehydrated Carrot
  3. Freeze-dried Chives
  4. Dried Pasilla Peppers
  5. Raw Grape Leaves