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100 g100 kcal
Dried BeechnutsNuts, beechnuts, dried10.672.4601.3401017NA380.36
Canned ButterburButterbur, canned340.040.6320.14120.940.06
Agar SeaweedRaw Agar Seaweed540.061.86670.3752260.790.58
Leafy Tips CowpeasRaw Leafy Tips Cowpeas630.191.92430.5194550.970.29
Pickled EggplantEggplant, pickled250.170.776NA9120.616740.23
SpirulinaRaw Spirulina Seaweed120.62.8190.19111270.7980.2
ButterburRaw Butterbur1030.10.1140.27126550.970.16
Jew's EarRaw Jew's Ear160.450.56250.114431190.66
Sweet Pickle relishPickle relish, sweet30.090.8750.02142508110.14
Boiled EggplantBoiled and Drained Eggplant60.060.25110.11151230.110.12
Cooked NopalesCooked Nopales no Salt1640.050.5470.41161950.7200.21
NopalesRaw Nopales1640.050.59520.46162570.7210.25
Boiled Yambean Boiled and Drained Yambean 110.050.57110.06161350.740.15
Canned BeetsCanned Beets, Solids150.061.82170.29171480.51940.21
Boiled LeeksBoiled and Drained Leeks300.061.1140.2517870.5100.06
Canned PimentoPimento, canned60.051.6860.09171580.2140.19
Boiled WaxgourdBoiled and Drained Waxgourd180.020.38100.061750.21070.59
Fruit ChayoteRaw Fruit Chayote170.120.34120.19181250.220.74
Yambean Raw Yambean 120.050.6120.06181500.740.16
Tomato JuiceCanned Tomato Juice no Salt100.040.39110.07192170.5100.11
WaxgourdRaw Waxgourd190.020.4100.061960.21110.61
Iceberg LettuceRaw Iceberg Lettuce180.030.4170.13201410.1100.15
RadishesRaw Radishes250.050.34100.07202330.6390.28
Frozen TurnipsFrozen Turnips, Unprepared230.050.7100.07201370.4250.14
Peeled CucumberRaw Peeled Cucumber140.070.22120.07211360.120.17
Boiled CardoonBoiled and Drained Cardoon72NA0.73430.132339211760.18
CardoonRaw Cardoon700.230.7420.26234000.21700.17

Minerals in Top 100 Nuts & Vegetables with the lowest Phosphorus content per 100g

In the above table you can find and compare the amount of minerals in all nuts & vegetables , sorted by minimum Amount of Phosphorus per 100 grams.

Top 5 nuts & vegetables with minimum amount of phosphorus per 100 grams are:

  1. Dried Beechnuts
  2. Canned Ginger Root, Pickled, With Artificial Sweetener
  3. Boiled and Drained Frozen Onions
  4. Canned Butterbur
  5. Cooked Tree Fern no Salt