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100 g100 kcal
Glazed WalnutsNuts, walnuts, glazed35.78.2847.6500323.603.57NANA6.3
TahiniSesame Butter from Roasted Kernels53.817215950.499.307.530.41233.05
Pinyon Pine NutsDried Pinyon Pine Nuts6111.619629NA10.709.380.79255.9
Sesame Seed KernelsDried Hulled Sesame Seed Kernels612011.76310.4811.609.060.26253.75
Sesame FlourHigh fat Sesame Flour3730.826.6526NANA05.20.28160.9
Dried BeechnutsNuts, beechnuts, dried506.233.5576NANA05.71.7186.6
Dried CoconutDried Coconut Meat64.56.8823.76607.351605700.713
FlaxseedSeeds, flaxseed4218295341.552703.66235.96.96
CoconutRaw Coconut Meat333.33153546.239029.700.3747
Blanched AlmondsNuts, almonds, blanched52.52118.75904.639.903.950124.5
Roasted CashewsDry Roasted Cashew Nuts461532.75745309.160.167.661.7
ChiaDried Chia Seeds30.716.542486NA3403.33185.845.8
Cashew ButterPlain Cashew Butter no Salt4917.627.6587NA209.760.178.172.96
Coconut MilkRaw Coconut Milk242.35.542303.342.202100.2667.6
Japanese ChestnutsRaw Japanese Chestnuts0.532.2535154NANA00.080.010.1261

Macronutrients in Top 30 Nuts with the highest Sodium content per 100g

In the above table you can find and compare the amount of macronutrients in all nuts , sorted by Max Amount of Sodium per 100 grams.

Top 5 nuts with max amount of sodium per 100 grams are:

  1. Glazed Walnuts
  2. Packaged Sweetened Coconut Meat Flakes
  3. Sesame Butter from Roasted Kernels
  4. Coconut Water (liquid From Coconuts)
  5. Dried Watermelon Seed Kernels