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100 g100 kcal
Dried Basil SpicesSpices, basil, dried4.072347.82331.737.702.160.30.210
Ground SageGround Sage Spices12.810.660.73151.74007.031.230.537.96
Dried Thyme SpicesSpices, thyme, dried7.439.1642761.73702.730.690.57.8
ParsleyFresh Parsley0.792.976.33360.853.300.130.010.1287.7
Dried Parsley SpicesSpices, parsley, dried5.526.650.62927.2726.701.381.881.255.9
Swiss ChardRaw Swiss Chard0.21.83.74191.11.600.030.010.0693
Poultry Seasoning SpicesSpices, poultry seasoning7.539.665.63071.81103.30.940.999.3
Dandelion GreensRaw Dandelion Greens0.72.79.2450.713.500.170.040.2685.6
Dried Marjoram SpicesSpices, marjoram, dried7.0412.760.62714.14000.533.231.187.64
Dried Oregano SpicesSpices, oregano, dried4.39692654.142.501.550.620.759.93
Garden CressRaw Garden Cress0.72.65.5324.
Boiled SpinachBoiled and Drained Spinach0.262.973.75230.432.400.040.090.0291
Boiled Beet GreensBoiled and Drained Beet Greens0.22.575.46270.62.900.030.010.0789
SpinachRaw Spinach0.392.863.63230.422.
Canned SpinachCanned Spinach, Solids with Salt0.52.83.4230.42.400.080.180.0392
CollardsRaw Collards0.613.025.4320.46400.060.110.0889.6
Boiled KaleBoiled and Drained Kale1.22.945.3361.2400.180.370.2990
Cooked Frozen KaleBoiled and Drained Frozen Kale1.22.945.3361.22.300.160.340.2690
BasilFresh Basil0.643.152.65230.31.600.040.320.0792
Boiled CollardsBoiled and Drained Collards0.722.75.65330.4400.050.090.0790
Beet GreensRaw Beet Greens0.132.24.33220.53.700.0200.0491
KaleRaw Kale1.52.924.4350.994.100.180.380.2989.6

Macronutrients in Top 30 Vegan Food with the highest Vitamin K content per 100g

In the above table you can find and compare the amount of macronutrients in all vegan food , sorted by Max Amount of Vitamin K per 100 grams.

Top 5 vegan food with max amount of vitamin k per 100 grams are:

  1. Dried Basil Spices
  2. Ground Sage Spices
  3. Dried Thyme Spices
  4. Fresh Parsley
  5. Dried Coriander Leaf Spices