Nutrients DB
Cantaloupe MelonsRaw Cantaloupe Melons4970.
PitangaRaw Pitanga2270.090.120.91NA079.7NANANANA
ApricotsRaw Apricots2000.
LoquatsRaw Loquats1620.040.050.380.2102.13NANANA29.8
OheloberriesRaw Oheloberries1500.060.130.96NA021NANANANA
GrapefruitRaw Grapefruit1440.110.060.780.13010800.41031
Pink GrapefruitRaw Pink and Red Grapefruit1380.10.070.490.1307400.31031
Red Sour CherriesRaw Red Sour Cherries1280.
AcerolaRaw Acerola1190.
Japanese PersimmonsRaw Japanese Persimmons1160.
PapayasRaw Papayas1090.050.060.830.09014200.76.0586
Acerola JuiceRaw Acerola Juice1090.090.261.740.0206957NA0.786.161
WatermelonRaw Watermelon930.110.070.590.1502700.170.3310
MangosRaw Mangos900.
Rose-applesRaw Rose-apples680.080.123.2NA089NANANANA
GroundcherriesRaw Groundcherries680.210.085.3NA020.8NANANANA
TangerinesRaw Tangerines640.110.070.710.1505000.38030
Yellow PlantainsRaw Yellow Plantains460.050.060.550.20150023.618
GuavasRaw Common Guavas45.
ElderberriesRaw Elderberries410.10.080.690.32049NANANA8.2
Yellow PeachesRaw Yellow Peaches410.

Vitamins in Top 30 Raw Fruits with the highest Vitamin A content per 100 kcal

In the above table you can find and compare the amount of vitamins in raw fruits , sorted by Max Amount of Vitamin A per 100 Calories.

Top 5 raw fruits with max amount of vitamin a per 100 Calories are:

  1. Raw Cantaloupe Melons
  2. Raw Pitanga
  3. Raw Apricots
  4. Raw Sulfured Dehydrated Apricots
  5. Raw Loquats