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100 g100 kcal
Sprouted Alfalfa SeedsRaw sprouted alfalfa seeds80.080.130.480.0308.200.0230.536
ArtichokesRaw Artichokes10.
ArugulaRaw Arugula1190.040.090.310.0701500.4310997
Canned AsparagusCanned Asparagus Solids410.060.10.950.1101801.224196
Cooked AsparagusBoiled and Drained Asparagus500.
AsparagusRaw Asparagus380.140.140.980.0905.601.1341.652
Balsam-pear , PodsRaw Balsam-pear , Pods240.
Bamboo ShootsRaw Bamboo Shoots10.
In Pod Fava BeansRaw In Pod Fava Beans170.
Sprouted Navy BeansRaw Sprouted Navy Beans00.390.221.220.190190NANA132
Sprouted Pinto BeansRaw Sprouted Pinto Beans00.
Green Snap BeansRaw Green Snap Beans350.080.10.730.1401200.414333
Yellow Snap BeansRaw Yellow Snap BeansNA0.080.110.750.0701600.414337
Beet GreensRaw Beet Greens3160.
Canned BeetsCanned Beets, Solids10.
Boiled BeetsBoiled and Drained Beets20.030.040.330.0703.600.040.280
BeetsRaw Beets20.030.040.330.0704.900.040.2109
Boiled BorageBoiled and Drained Borage2190.060.170.940.09032.50NANA10
BorageRaw Borage2100.
Young BroadbeansRaw Young Broadbeans180.
Cooked Broccoli RaabBroccoli raab, cooked2270.170.1420.2203702.5325671
Broccoli RaabRaw Broccoli Raab1310.
Chinese BroccoliRaw Chinese Broccoli860.10.150.460.07029.600.589104
Boiled BroccoliBoiled and Drained Broccoli770.060.120.550.206501.45141108
Broccoli LeavesRaw Broccoli LeavesNA0.070.120.640.160930NANA71
BroccoliRaw Broccoli310.070.120.640.1808900.7810263
Broccoli StalksRaw Broccoli Stalks200.070.120.640.160930NANA71
Brussels SproutsRaw Brussels Sprouts380.140.090.750.2208500.8817761
Burdock RootRaw Burdock Root00.
ButterburRaw Butterbur30.
Canned ButterburButterbur, canned00.
Chinese CabbageRaw Chinese Cabbage2230.
Napa CabbageRaw Chinese Napa Cabbage160.
Boiled CabbageBoiled and Drained Cabbage40.
KimchiCabbage Kimchi50.
Cooked Napa CabbageCabbage, napa, cooked130.010.030.470.0403.20NANA43
CabbageRaw Cabbage50.
Red CabbageRaw Red Cabbage560.060.070.420.2105700.113818
Savoy CabbageRaw Savoy Cabbage500.
Boiled CardoonBoiled and Drained Cardoon60.

Vitamins in Nuts & Vegetables sorted by name per 100 g

In the above table you can find and compare the amount of vitamins per 100 grams in all nuts & vegetables , sorted by Name.