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Maitake MushroomsRaw Maitake Mushrooms00.470.78210.180036230.03067.7
Morel MushroomsRaw Morel Mushrooms00.220.667.260.44NANA665NANA29
Chanterelle MushroomsRaw Chanterelle MushroomsNA0.050.6712.80.14NANA663NANA6.25
Oyster MushroomsRaw Oyster Mushrooms6.060.381.06150.33008800115
Shiitake MushroomsRaw Shiitake MushroomsNA0.040.64110.86NANA53NANA38
Portabella MushroomsRaw Portabella Mushrooms00.270.59200.670.230450.090127
Canned MushroomsCanned Mushrooms, Solids00.340.086.370.2400320.04048
White MushroomsRaw White Mushrooms00.371.83160.470.189.55320.05077
Enoki MushroomsRaw Enoki MushroomsNA0.610.54190.270013.50.030130

Vitamins in Top 20 Whole Vegetables with the highest Vitamin D content per 100 kcal

In the above table you can find and compare the amount of vitamins in whole vegetables , sorted by Max Amount of Vitamin D per 100 calories.

Top 5 whole vegetables with max amount of vitamin d per 100 calories are:

  1. Raw Brown Mushrooms, Italian, Or Crimini Exposed to UV
  2. Raw Portabella Mushrooms Exposed to UV
  3. Raw White Mushroom Exposed to UV
  4. Raw Maitake Mushrooms
  5. Grilled Portabella Mushrooms Exposed to UV