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100 g100 kcal
Wakame SeaweedRaw Wakame Seaweed400.130.513.56006.6702.2211.8436
Kelp SeaweedRaw Kelp Seaweed140.120.351.10.0106.9802.02153419
Green SoybeansRaw Green Soybeans6.
Yardlong BeanRaw Yardlong Bean910.230.230.870.050400NANA132
Young BroadbeansRaw Young Broadbeans250.
CassavaRaw Cassava0.630.050.030.530.0601300.121.217
White Sweet CornRaw White Sweet Corn00.230.071.980.0607.900.080.3553
Young Cowpeas Raw Young Cowpeas
Lemon Grass Raw Lemon Grass
Canned Green PeasCanned Green Peas Solids390.
Dried Agar SeaweedSeaweed, agar, dried000.070.070.10001.637.97190
Boiled SuccotashBoiled and Drained Succotash130.
Boiled Yambean Boiled and Drained Yambean 2.630.
Jerusalem-artichokesRaw Jerusalem-artichokes1.370.
Frozen SuccotashFrozen Succotash, Unprepared140.090.081.480.1109.140NANA45
Frozen Green PeasFrozen Green Peas, Unprepared1340.340.132.240.1102300.033669
Yellow Sweet CornRaw Yellow Sweet Corn100.
Stewed TomatoesStewed Ripe Red Tomatoes41.
Yambean Raw Yambean 2.630.050.080.530.1105301.20.7931.6
EppawRaw Eppaw00.
EndiveRaw Endive6350.470.442.350.1203802.61359835
In Pod Fava BeansRaw In Pod Fava Beans190.150.332.560.1204.201.346168
ParsnipsRaw Parsnips00.120.070.930.12022.7023089
Agar SeaweedRaw Agar Seaweed00.
Dried SpirulinaDried Spirulina Seaweed100.821.274.420.1303.501.728.832
Cooked Frozen OkraBoiled and Drained Frozen Okra51.70.250.332.120.1303301.1165345
Sun-dried TomatoesTomatoes, sun-dried170.
SpirulinaRaw Spirulina Seaweed11.50.851.34.60.1303.4601.99.634.6
Boiled ParsnipsBoiled and Drained Parsnips00.
SuccotashRaw Succotash150.
Chanterelle MushroomsRaw Chanterelle MushroomsNA0.050.6712.80.14NANA663NANA6.25
Frozen OkraFrozen Okra, Unprepared600.30.352.360.1404101.1165493
Irishmoss SeaweedRaw Irishmoss Seaweed120.030.951.20.1406.1201.7810371
Sprouted SoybeansRaw Sprouted Soybeans0.820.280.10.940.14012.50NANA141
Sprouted Alfalfa SeedsRaw sprouted alfalfa seeds34.80.330.552.10.15035.700.09133157
Bulb FennelRaw Bulb Fennel1550.
Boiled BeetsBoiled and Drained Beets4.550.060.090.750.1508.200.090.46182
Cooked ArtichokesBoiled and Drained Artichokes1.
BeetsRaw Beets4.650.070.090.780.1601100.090.47253

Vitamins in Top 100 Whole Vegetables with the lowest Vitamin B6 content per 100 kcal

In the above table you can find and compare the amount of vitamins in whole vegetables , sorted by minimum Amount of Vitamin B6 per 100 Calories.

Top 5 whole vegetables with minimum amount of vitamin b6 per 100 Calories are:

  1. Raw Wakame Seaweed
  2. Raw Kelp Seaweed
  3. Boiled and Drained Green Soybeans
  4. Canned Straw Mushrooms, Solids
  5. Raw Green Soybeans