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100 g100 kcal
Green Hot Chili PeppersRaw Green Hot Chili Peppers1480.230.232.380.7060601.7335.857.5
Mustard SpinachRaw Mustard Spinach22500.310.423.10.705910NANA723
Balsam-pear , PodsRaw Balsam-pear , Pods1410.240.242.350.2504940NANA424
Red Sweet PeppersRaw Red Sweet Peppers6040.210.333.771.1049106.0819177
Tomato JuiceCanned Tomato Juice no Salt1350.590.463.960.41041201.913.5118
Jalapeno PeppersRaw Jalapeno Peppers1860.
Green Sweet PeppersRaw Green Sweet Peppers900.
Canned ButterburButterbur, canned00.20.24.671.103970NANA100
WatercressRaw Watercress14550.821.11.81.17039109.1227382
Drumstick PodsRaw Drumstick Pods110.140.21.680.3203810NANA119
ParsleyFresh Parsley11690.240.273.650.25036902.14556422
Canned PimentoPimento, canned5780.070.262.670.940369033626
Red Hot Chili PeppersRaw Red Hot Chili Peppers1200.
Chinese CabbageRaw Chinese Cabbage17150.310.543.851.5034600.69350508
Broccoli LeavesRaw Broccoli LeavesNA0.230.432.280.5703330NANA254
Broccoli StalksRaw Broccoli Stalks710.230.432.280.5703330NANA254
Hungarian PeppersRaw Hungarian Peppers1410.270.193.771.8032001.6634183
Banana PepperRaw Banana Pepper630.
Water ConvolvulusRaw Water Convolvulus 16580.160.534.740.5102890NANA300

Vitamins in Top 30 Vegetables with the highest Vitamin C content per 100 kcal

In the above table you can find and compare the amount of vitamins in all vegetables , sorted by Max Amount of Vitamin C per 100 Calories.

Top 5 vegetables with max amount of vitamin c per 100 Calories are:

  1. Raw Yellow Sweet Peppers
  2. Boiled and Drained Red Sweet Peppers
  3. Raw Green Hot Chili Peppers
  4. Freeze-dried Red Sweet Peppers
  5. Raw Mustard Spinach