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100 g100 kcal
Chili PowderChili Powder Spices5260.090.334.10.7400.25013.5379.93
Jalapeno PeppersRaw Jalapeno Peppers1860.
Coriander LeavesRaw Coriander Leaves14650.290.74.840.6501170111348270
PaprikaPaprika Spice8730.120.443.570.7600.320102817
New Zealand SpinachRaw New Zealand SpinachNA0.290.933.572.1702140102407107
Cooked Broccoli RaabBroccoli raab, cooked9080.680.568.060.8801480101024284
Frozen SpinachUnprepared Frozen Spinach20210.320.771.750.590190101283500
Swiss ChardRaw Swiss Chard16110.210.472.10.52015809.95436873.7
Chicory GreensRaw Chicory Greens12430.260.442.170.46010409.831294478
RadicchioRaw Radicchio4.350.
Boiled Swiss ChardBoiled and Drained Swiss Chard15300.170.431.80.4309009.45163745

Vitamins in Top 30 Vegan Food with the highest Vitamin E content per 100 kcal

In the above table you can find and compare the amount of vitamins in all vegan food , sorted by Max Amount of Vitamin E per 100 Calories.

Top 5 vegan food with max amount of vitamin e per 100 Calories are:

  1. Shelf Stable Unsweetened Almond Milk
  2. Non-carbonated Fruit-flavored Propel Zero
  3. Diet Fruit Medley V8 SPLASH Juice Drinks
  4. Diet Strawberry Kiwi V8 SPLASH Juice Drinks
  5. Diet Tropical Blend V8 SPLASH Juice Drinks