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100 g100 kcal
Mamey SapoteRaw Mamey Sapote70.010.121.430.72023NA2.1NA7
AvocadosRaw Avocados70.070.131.740.2601002.072181
Green KiwifruitRaw Green Kiwifruit40.030.030.340.0609301.464025
CranberriesRaw Cranberries30.
Frozen NanceNance, frozen, unsweetened40.
Cranberry JuiceUnsweetened Cranberry Juice20.
BlackberriesRaw Blackberries110.020.030.650.0302101.172025
Black CurrantsRaw European Black Currants120.
MangosRaw Mangos540.030.040.670.1203600.94.243
ApricotsRaw Apricots960.
Frozen LoganberriesLoganberries, frozen20.050.030.840.0701500.877.826
MulberriesRaw Mulberries10.030.10.620.0503600.877.86
RaspberriesRaw Raspberries20.
NectarinesRaw Nectarines170.
Raspberries PureeRaspberries Puree with Seeds50.080.090.460.04NA14.6NA0.77NA30
Frozen RaspberriesRed Frozen Raspberries40.090.10.680.06017.600.75NA28
GuavasRaw Common Guavas310.
Yellow PeachesRaw Yellow Peaches160.020.030.810.0306.600.732.64
Japanese PersimmonsRaw Japanese Persimmons810.
PomegranatesRaw Pomegranates00.
BlueberriesRaw Blueberries30.040.040.420.0509.700.57196
Cooked Guava SauceGuava sauce, cooked140.030.010.420.09014600.551.95
Dried PlumsRaw Dried Plums390.
GooseberriesRaw Gooseberries150.
Raw Dried FigsFigs, dried, uncooked00.090.080.620.1101.200.3515.69
JackfruitRaw Jackfruit50.110.060.920.33013.7NA0.34NA24
Dried LitchisLitchis, dried00.010.573.10.09018300.311.612
PapayasRaw Papayas470.020.030.360.0406100.32.637
StrawberriesRaw Strawberries10.020.020.390.05058.800.292.224
CherimoyaRaw Cherimoya00.10.130.640.26012.6NA0.27NA23
PlumsRaw Plums170.030.030.420.0309.500.266.45
Lemon PeelRaw Lemon Peel30.
Orange PeelRaw Orange Peel210.
Lime JuiceRaw Lime Juice20.
LimesRaw Limes20.
ClementinesRaw ClementinesNA0.090.030.640.08NA48.800.2024

Vitamins in Top 100 Fruits with the highest Vitamin E content per 100g

In the above table you can find and compare the amount of vitamins in all fruits , sorted by Max Amount of Vitamin E per 100 grams.

Top 5 fruits with max amount of vitamin e per 100 grams are:

  1. Strawberry Banana ODWALLA Fruit Juice Smoothie
  2. Fruit juice smoothie, BOLTHOUSE FARMS, BERRY BOOST
  3. Raw Sulfured Dried Apricots
  4. Sweetened Dried Mango
  5. Canned Pickled Green Olives