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Walnut OilOil, walnut000000000.4150
Oat OilOil, oat0000000NA1424.70
WalnutsEnglish Walnuts10.340.151.130.5401.300.72.798
Pine NutsDried Pine Nuts10.360.234.40.0900.809.335434
Poppy SeedPoppy Seed Spices00.850.10.90.250101.77082
Hemp SeedsHulled Hemp Seeds11.
Pinyon Pine NutsDried Pinyon Pine Nuts11.240.224.370.11020NANA58
BrazilnutsDried Brazilnuts00.620.
TahiniSesame Butter from Roasted Kernels31.220.475.450.150000.25098
PecansPecans nuts30.660.131.170.2101.101.43.522
HickorynutsDried Hickorynuts70.870.130.910.19020NANA40
Roasted PecansDry Roasted Pecans70.450.111.170.1900.701.3NA16
Dried BeechnutsNuts, beechnuts, dried00.30.370.880.68015.5NANANA113
Peanut SpreadLow Sugar Peanut Spread00.120.12160.470008.060.6144
Sesame FlourHigh fat Sesame Flour32.70.29130.15000NANA31
PeanutsRaw Peanuts00.640.14120.350008.330240
Pistachio NutsRaw Pistachio Nuts260.870.161.31.705.602.86NA51
Roasted AlmondsDry Roasted Almonds00.081.23.640.1400024055
Snacks, taro chipsSnacks, taro chips70.170.030.520.44050111820
Blanched AlmondsNuts, almonds, blanched00.190.713.50.1200023.8049
AlmondsNuts, almonds00.

Vitamins in Top 100 Vegan Food with the highest Omega 6 content per 100 g

In the above table you can find and compare the amount of vitamins in all vegan food , sorted by Max Amount of Omega 6 per 100 grams.

Top 5 vegan food with max amount of omega 6 per 100 grams are:

  1. Linoleic Salad or Cooking Safflower Oil
  2. Grapeseed Oil
  3. 65% Linoleic Sunflower Oil
  4. Poppyseed Oil
  5. Low Linolenic Industrial Soy Oil