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100 g100 kcal
Rice BranCrude Rice Bran02.750.28344.070004.91.963
Dark Rye FlourRye flour, dark10.320.254.270.440002.735.933
Raw QuinoaQuinoa, uncooked10.360.321.520.490NA02.440184
Wheat BranCrude Wheat Bran00.520.5813.61.30001.51.979
Medium Rye flourRye flour, medium00.290.111.730.270001.435.934
Raw AmaranthUncooked Amaranth Grain00.120.20.920.5904.201.2082
Oat BranRaw Oat Bran01.170.220.930.1700013.252
Hard white WheatWheat, hard white00.390.114.40.3700011.938
Soft White WheatWheat, soft white00.410.114.770.3800011.941
RyeRye grain10.320.254.270.290000.855.938
Chow MeinChow Mein Chinese Noodles00.570.44.70.040000.835.3125
Light Rye FlourRye flour, light00.330.090.80.230000.835.923
Wild RiceRaw Wild Rice10.120.266.730.390000.821.995
Raw SpeltUncooked Spelt00.360.116.840.2300NA0.793.645
Spinach Spaghetti Dry Spinach Spaghetti 230.370.24.550.320000.7415248
Whole Wheat FlourWhole-grain Wheat Flour00.50.174.960.410000.711.944
Oat FlourPartially Debranned Oat Flour00.690.131.470.130000.73.232
Cooked QuinoaQuinoa, cooked00.110.110.410.120000.63042
Brown Rice FlourRice flour, brownNA0.440.086.340.740000.6NA16
Barley flourBarley flour or meal00.370.116.270.40000.572.28
Barley Malt flourBarley malt flour10.310.315.640.6600.600.572.238
Hulled BarleyBarley, hulled10.650.294.60.320000.572.219
Whole Sorghum FlourWhole-grain Sorghum Flour00.330.064.50.33NA0.8NA0.56.425
SorghumSorghum Grain00.330.13.70.440000.5NA20
CornYellow Corn Grain 110.390.23.630.620000.490.319

Vitamins in Top 30 Cereals with the highest Vitamin E content per 100g

In the above table you can find and compare the amount of vitamins in all cereals , sorted by Max Amount of Vitamin E per 100 grams.

Top 5 cereals with max amount of vitamin e per 100 grams are:

  1. Crude Rice Bran
  2. Chinese Restaurant Crunchy Flat Noodles
  3. Dark Rye Flour
  4. Raw Quinoa
  5. Crude Wheat Bran