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TamariSoy sauce made from soy (tamari)1670.1717.59.32.831.3300.020.010.07110
ShoyuShoyu Soy Sauce1891.08159.30.751.500.140.050.44134
Boiled SoybeansBoiled Soybeans no Salt585.210.64.861.743.500.750.352.636
Cooked TempehTempeh, cooked515.84103.9NANANA1.740.061.330.5
Soy NutsDry-roasted Soybeans224.89.656.45NA1.800.70.322.40.18
Soy FlourRaw Full-fat Soy Flour234.768.77.351.732.200.690.322.371.2
Soy CheeseSoybean, curd cheese665.368.284.571.06000.780.362.6747
Roasted SoybeansSoybeans roasted without salt215.48.26.44NA3.7700.780.362.70.42
SoybeansRaw Soybeans224.478.26.761.642.100.650.32.231.9
FuyuSalted and Fermented Tofu866.97.73.78NANA010.463.4360
Broadbeans Raw Broadbeans 290.457.66171.677.3300.
Mungo BeansRaw Mungo Beans290.487.417NA5.3700.
Kidney BeansRaw All Types Kidney Beans300.257.1180.677.4800.
White BeansRaw White Beans300.267180.634.5600.
Common CowpeasRaw Common Cowpeas29.80.387182.053.1500.
LentilsRaw Lentils280.37180.583.0400.
Fried TofuTofu, fried377.476.973.311.4401.10.53.7218.7
Mung BeansRaw Mung Beans290.336.88181.94.700.
Cranberry BeansRaw Cranberry Beans300.376.8718NA7.3700.
Boiled Kidney BeansBoiled All Types Kidney Beans78.70.396.83180.255.0400.060.130.0952.7
MothbeansRaw Mothbeans290.476.718NANA00.
Red Kidney BeansRaw Red Kidney Beans29.70.316.7180.624.500.
Red LentilsRaw Pink Or Red Lentils280.616.6817.6NA300.
Navy BeansRaw Navy Beans29.70.456.63181.154.54NA0.
Great Northern BeansRaw Great Northern Beans290.346.45180.675.9600.
Canned White BeansBeans, white, mature seeds, canned87.70.256.3718.
Split Green PeasRaw Split Green Peas271.076.35170.866.
Large Lima BeansRaw Large Lima Beans29.60.26.3518.82.55.6200.050.030.063
Black BeansRaw Black Beans290.426.33180.624.5500.
Pigeon Peas Raw Pigeon Peas 290.436.3318NA4.3700.
Small White BeansRaw Small White Beans29.80.356.318.5NA7.400.
Black Turtle BeansRaw Black Turtle Beans290.276.2718.70.634.5700.
Canned Kidney BeansCanned All Types Kidney Beans1190.716.2172.
Pinto BeansRaw Pinto Beans290.356.17180.614.4700.
Canned CowpeasCanned Common Cowpeas1300.716.1617.7NA4.300.190.110.19103
Thin Seeded Lima BeansRaw Thin Seeded Lima Beans300.286.1618.82.56.1500.
Canned Pinto BeansCanned Pinto Beans, Solids87.70.796.1317.70.474.8200.140.140.162
Pink BeansRaw Pink Beans290.336.118.70.623.700.
SoymilkSoymilk Unfortified1853.246.0611.
Adzuki BeansRaw Adzuki Beans300.166.0419NA3.8600.06NA0.034.1
Chickpea flourChickpea flour (besan)261.735.8152.82.800.180.030.742.66

Macronutrients in Top 100 Legumes with the highest Protein content per 100 kcal

In the above table you can find and compare the amount of macronutrients in all legumes , sorted by Max Amount of Protein per 100 calories.

Top 5 legumes with max amount of protein per 100 calories are:

  1. Soy sauce made from soy (tamari)
  2. Shoyu Soy Sauce
  3. Boiled Lupins
  4. HOUSE FOODS Premium Firm Tofu
  5. Vitasoy USA Organic Nasoya, Soft Tofu