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100 g100 kcal
Coconut OilOil, coconut1100110009.2500.190
Almond OilOil, almond1100110000.9301.970
Sheanut OilOil, sheanut1100110005.270.030.550
Palm OilOil, palm1100110005.580.021.030
Walnut OilOil, walnut1100110001.031.1860
Wheat Germ OilOil, wheat germ1100110002.130.786.20
Poppyseed OilOil, poppyseed1100110001.5307.060
Mustard OilOil, mustard110011NA0NA1.30.671.730
Teaseed OilOil, teaseed1100110002.40.082.50
Babassu OilOil, babassu1100110009.200.180
Avocado OilOil, avocado110011NA0NA1.30.111.40
Rice Bran OilOil, rice bran1100110002.230.183.780
Hazelnut OilOil, hazelnut1100110000.8401.140
Cocoa Butter OilOil, cocoa butter1100110006.750.010.320
Grapeseed OilOil, grapeseed1100110001.10.017.870

Macronutrients in Top 30 Vegan Food with the highest Energy content per 100 kcal

In the above table you can find and compare the amount of macronutrients in all vegan food , sorted by Max Amount of Energy per 100 Calories.

Top 5 vegan food with max amount of energy per 100 Calories are:

  1. Industrial High Oleic Canola Oil
  2. Low Linolenic Industrial Soy Oil
  3. All Purpose Salad or Cooking Industrial and Retail Corn Oil
  4. Coconut Oil
  5. Salad or Cooking Sesame Oil