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100 g100 kcal
Acerola JuiceRaw Acerola Juice0.30.44.8234.50.300.070.040.0594
Dried ChivesFreeze-dried Chives3.52164311NA2600.590.071.32
GuavasRaw Common Guavas0.952.5514688.95.400.270.110.2980.8
Dried LitchisLitchis, dried1.23.870.7277664.600.270.180.1822
Black CurrantsRaw European Black Currants0.411.41563NANA00.030.070.1182
Sauteed Red Sweet PeppersPeppers, sweet, red, sauteed12.81.046.571334.31.801.560.784.9479
ThymeFresh Thyme1.685.5624101NA1400.470.450.0965
Cooked Guava SauceGuava sauce, cooked0.140.329.5365.883.600.040.020.0489.6
Red Hot Chili PeppersRaw Red Hot Chili Peppers0.441.878.8405.31.500.040.010.2388
Drumstick PodsRaw Drumstick Pods0.22.18.5337NA3.200.03NANA88
Orange PeelRaw Orange Peel0.21.52597NA10.600.020.010.0372.5
ParsleyFresh Parsley0.792.976.33360.853.300.130.010.1287.7
Mustard SpinachRaw Mustard Spinach0.32.23.922NA2.800.020.030.0392
Lemon PeelRaw Lemon Peel0.31.516474.1710.600.040.030.0681.6

Macronutrients in Top 30 Vegan Food with the highest Vitamin C content per 100g

In the above table you can find and compare the amount of macronutrients in all vegan food , sorted by Max Amount of Vitamin C per 100 grams.

Top 5 vegan food with max amount of vitamin c per 100 grams are:

  1. Freeze-dried Red Sweet Peppers
  2. Raw Acerola Juice
  3. Green Tea, Instant, Decaffeinated, Lemon, Unsweetened, Fortified With Vitamin C
  4. Freeze-dried Chives
  5. Dried Coriander Leaf Spices