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100 g100 kcal
Instant TeaUnsweetened Instant Tea Powder02058.73155.538.5000.080.045.1
Ground ClovesGround Cloves Spices135.9765.52742.383403.950.592.669.87
Ground GingerGround Ginger Spices4.24971.63353.41402.60.220.719.94
SaffronSaffron Spices5.851165310NA3.901.61.240.7512
CardamomCardamom Spices6.710.868311NA2800.680.120.318.28
Chickpeas Raw Chickpeas 6.04206337810.71200.60.12.637.68
Ground TurmericGround Turmeric Spice3.259.7673123.222.701.840.080.6713
Ground CinnamonGround Cinnamon Spices1.24480.62472.175300.350.010.0410.6
Pumpkin Pie SpiceSpices, pumpkin pie spice12.65.76693427.761506.530.070.728.46
Rice BranCrude Rice Bran211349.73160.92104.170.327.146.13
Wheat GermCrude Wheat Germ9.722351.8360NA1301.670.725.311
Black PepperBlack Pepper Spices3.2610642510.642501.40.150.6912
Wheat BranCrude Wheat Bran4.2515.664.52160.4142.800.630.172.049.9
Dried SpearmintSpearmint, dried6.032052285NA3001.582.80.4511
Sweetened Dried MangoMango, dried, sweetened1.182.4578.6319662.400.290.160.0616.6
Dried Parsley SpicesSpices, parsley, dried5.526.650.62927.2726.701.381.881.255.9
Dried Basil SpicesSpices, basil, dried4.072347.82331.737.702.160.30.210
TeffRaw Teff2.3813733671.848NA0.450.140.948.8
Pine NutsDried Pine Nuts6813.7136733.63.704.90.16332.28
Curry PowderCurry Powder Spice1414563252.765301.650.272.88.8
Bay Leaf SpicesSpices, bay leaf8.367.675313NA2602.
Dried TarragonDried Tarragon Spices7.2422.850295NA7.401.92.960.747.74
Dried Thyme SpicesSpices, thyme, dried7.439.1642761.73702.730.690.57.8
Hemp SeedsHulled Hemp Seeds48.831.68.675531.5404.610274.96
Celery SeedCelery Seed Spices2518413920.671202.20.23.526.04

Macronutrients in Top 30 Vegan Food with the highest Manganese content per 100g

In the above table you can find and compare the amount of macronutrients in all vegan food , sorted by Max Amount of Manganese per 100 grams.

Top 5 vegan food with max amount of manganese per 100 grams are:

  1. Unsweetened Instant Tea Powder
  2. Ground Cloves Spices
  3. Ground Ginger Spices
  4. Dried Fresh Chinese Jujube
  5. Unsweetened Lemon Instant Tea