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100 g100 kcal
Brown Rice FlourRice flour, brown2.787.23763630.664.600.560.040.9512
Barley Malt flourBarley malt flour1.8410783610.87.100.390.10.868.2
Buckwheat FlourWhole-groat Buckwheat Flour3.112.670.63352.61000.680.070.8811
Dark Rye FlourRye flour, dark2.221668.63252.32400.270.150.910.8
Rice FlourUnenriched White Rice Flour1.425.95803660.122.400.390.070.3112
Whole Wheat FlourWhole-grain Wheat Flour2.513723400.4110.700.430.071.110.7
Barley flourBarley flour or meal1.610.574.53450.81000.340.080.712
Millet FlourMillet flour4.2510.8753821.663.5NA0.540.042.558.67
Whole Sorghum FlourWhole-grain Sorghum Flour3.348.4376.63591.946.6NA0.530.061.3410
CornmealWhole-grain Yellow Cornmeal3.68.1773620.647.300.510.051.610
Medium Rye flourRye flour, medium1.5211753491.11200.180.10.611
Light Rye FlourRye flour, light1.339.876.73570.93800.150.080.511
Oat FlourPartially Debranned Oat Flour9.114.765.74040.86.501.
Enriched SemolinaSemolina, enriched1.0512.773360NA3.900.150.040.3912.7
SemolinaSemolina, unenriched1.0512.773360NA3.900.150.040.3912.7

Macronutrients in Top 20 Ground Cereals with the highest Vitamin B6 content per 100g

In the above table you can find and compare the amount of macronutrients in ground cereals , sorted by Max Amount of Vitamin B6 per 100 grams.

Top 5 ground cereals with max amount of vitamin b6 per 100 grams are:

  1. Brown Rice Flour
  2. Barley malt flour
  3. Whole-groat Buckwheat Flour
  4. Dark Rye Flour
  5. Unenriched White Rice Flour