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100 g100 kcal
Pine NutsDried Pine Nuts161.32NA5.532518.85755970.726.45
Hemp SeedsHulled Hemp Seeds701.6NA7.957007.616501200NA59.9
Fireweed LeavesRaw Fireweed Leaves4290.32NA2.41566.71084940.9342.66
HazelnutsNuts, hazelnuts or filberts1141.73NA4.71636.182906802.402.45
Lemon Grass Raw Lemon Grass 650.27NA8.17605.221017230.762.23
HickorynutsDried Hickorynuts610.74NA2.121734.63364368.114.3
PecansPecans nuts701.2102.531214.52774103.804.53
Pinyon Pine NutsDried Pinyon Pine Nuts81.04NA3.062344.3335628NA724.3
Dried Agar SeaweedSeaweed, agar, dried6250.61NA217704.35211257.41025.8
Macadamia NutsRaw Macadamia Nuts850.76NA3.71304.131883683.651.3
Roasted PecansDry Roasted Pecans721.17NA2.81323.93293424415.07
WalnutsEnglish Walnuts981.6NA2.91583.43464414.923.1
EpazoteRaw Epazote2750.19NA1.881213.1866330.9431.1
Roasted Macadamia NutsDry Roasted Macadamia Nuts700.57NA2.651183.0419836311.741.3
Grape LeavesRaw Grape Leaves3630.42NA2.63952.86912720.990.67
Dried CoconutDried Coconut Meat260.8NA3.32902.7520654318.5372
ChiaDried Chia Seeds6310.92NA7.73352.7286040755164.6
Dried LeeksFreeze-dried Leeks3600.66NA7.61612.6334624005.7350.66
Roasted Sesame SeedsRoasted Whole Sesame Seeds9892.47NA14.83562.563847534117.16
FlaxseedSeeds, flaxseed2551.22NA5.733922.564281325304.34

Minerals in Top 30 Vegetables & Nuts with the highest Manganese content per 100g

In the above table you can find and compare the amount of minerals in all vegetables & nuts , sorted by Max Amount of Manganese per 100 grams.

Top 5 vegetables & nuts with max amount of manganese per 100 grams are:

  1. Blanched Hazelnuts Or Filberts
  2. Dried Pine Nuts
  3. Hulled Hemp Seeds
  4. Raw Fireweed Leaves
  5. Hazelnuts