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100 g100 kcal
Canned ButterburButterbur, canned11331.23NA2166.73.27133400301332
Cooked NopalesCooked Nopales no Salt10930.33NA3.333132.7210713004.671331.4
WatercressRaw Watercress10910.7NA1.81912.254530008.23731
NopalesRaw Nopales10250.33NA3.73252.8610016064.381311.56
Mustard SpinachRaw Mustard Spinach9550.34NA6.8501.8512720413.64950.77
EpazoteRaw Epazote8590.59NA5.883789.726919782.81343.44
Chinese CabbageRaw Chinese Cabbage8080.16NA6.151461.2228519383.855001.46
Boiled ButterburBoiled and Drained Butterbur7380.74NA1.251001.9587.5442511501.13
ButterburRaw Butterbur7360.74NA0.711001.9685.746796.43501.14
KaleRaw Kale7260.15NA4.57942.631579942.571511.1
CollardsRaw Collards7250.14NA1.47842.06786664.06530.66
ArugulaRaw Arugula6400.3NA5.841881.320814761.21081.88
Canned Turnip GreensCanned Turnip Greens no Salt6210.44NA7.951051.41117423.71531.2
Potherb JuteRaw Potherb Jute6120.75NA141880.3624416442.6523.52.32
Turnip GreensRaw Turnip Greens5941.1NA3.44971.461319253.751250.59
Boiled SpinachBoiled and Drained Spinach5910.7616415.53784.0724320266.523043.3
Boiled Potherb JuteBoiled and Drained Potherb Jute5700.69NA8.51680.3319514862.4329.72.14
Canned SpinachCanned Spinach, Solids with Salt5520.78NA103302.619115046.114002
Cooked Malabar SpinachMalabar spinach, cooked5390.48NA6.442091.115711133.92391.3
Frozen Turnip GreensFrozen Turnip Greens, Unprepared5360.26NA6.861231.681238364.154.50.77
Beet GreensRaw Beet Greens5320.87NA11.73181.7818634644.110271.73

Minerals in Top 30 Nuts & Vegetables with the highest Calcium content per 100 kcal

In the above table you can find and compare the amount of minerals in all nuts & vegetables , sorted by Max Amount of Calcium per 100 Calories.

Top 5 nuts & vegetables with max amount of calcium per 100 Calories are:

  1. Canned Butterbur
  2. Cooked Nopales no Salt
  3. Raw Watercress
  4. Raw Nopales
  5. Boiled and Drained Mustard Spinach