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100 g100 kcal
Dried LitchisLitchis, dried330.63NA1.7420.2318111101.330.28
PrunesRaw Dehydrated Prunes720.61NA3.52640.311121058NA50.75
Dried Zante CurrantsCurrants, zante, dried880.3NA1.88360.35997770.7430.37
Dried PlumsRaw Dried Plums430.2840.93410.3697320.320.44
Medjool DatesDates, medjool640.36NA0.9540.362696NA10.44
Raw Dried FigsFigs, dried, uncooked1620.29NA2.03680.51676800.6100.55
Dried LongansLongans, dried450.81NA5.4460.25196658NA480.22
Deglet Noor DatesDates, deglet noor390.21NA1.02430.2662656320.29
TamarindsRaw Tamarinds740.09NA2.892NA1136281.3280.1
BreadfruitRaw Breadfruit170.08NA0.54250.06304900.620.12
Yellow PlantainsRaw Yellow Plantains30.07NA0.55360.14324871.540.19
AvocadosRaw Avocados120.1970.55290.14524850.470.64
Mamey SapoteRaw Mamey Sapote180.21NA0.78110.226454NA70.19
JackfruitRaw Jackfruit240.08NA0.23290.0421448NA20.13
DurianRaw or Frozen Durian60.21NA0.43300.3339436NA20.28
Green PlantainsRaw Green Plantains20.12NA0.75410.1131431NA20.18
GuavasRaw Common Guavas180.23NA0.26220.15404170.620.23
Custard-appleRaw Custard-apple30NANA0.7118NA21382NA4NA
BananasRaw Bananas50.082.20.26270.2722358110.15
Black CurrantsRaw European Black Currants550.09NA1.54240.2659322NA20.27
Green KiwifruitRaw Green Kiwifruit340.13NA0.31170.1343120.230.14

Minerals in Top 30 Raw Fruits with the highest Potassium content per 100g

In the above table you can find and compare the amount of minerals in raw fruits , sorted by Max Amount of Potassium per 100 grams.

Top 5 raw fruits with max amount of potassium per 100 grams are:

  1. Raw Sulfured Dehydrated Peaches
  2. Raw Sulfured Dried Apricots
  3. Dried Litchis
  4. Raw Dehydrated Prunes
  5. Raw Sulfured Dried Peaches