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100 g100 kcal
Candied fruitCandied fruit180.03NA0.1740.115560.6980.05
Canned Jumbo OlivesCanned Ripe Jumbo Olives940.23NA3.3240.02390.97350.22
Canned Mango NectarMango nectar, canned170.02NA0.3630.032240.450.02
ApplesRaw Apples with skin60.033.30.1250.0411107010.04
Apples no SkinRaw Apples without skin50.03NA0.0740.041190000.05
Lemon JuiceRaw Lemon Juice60.02NA0.0860.0181030.110.05
CrabapplesRaw Crabapples180.07NA0.3670.1215194NA1NA
Red CurrantsRaw Red And White Currants330.11NA1130.19442750.610.23
LemonRaw Lemons Without Peel260.04NA0.680.03161380.420.06
Japanese PersimmonsRaw Japanese Persimmons80.11NA0.1590.36171610.610.11
Tangerine JuiceRaw Tangerine Juice180.03NA0.280.04141780.110.03
CranberriesRaw Cranberries80.06NA0.2360.2711800.120.09
Lime JuiceRaw Lime Juice140.03NA0.0980.02141170.120.08
Canned Papaya NectarPapaya nectar, canned100.01NA0.3430.010310.350.15
Green Anjou PearsRaw Green Anjou Pears110.08NA0.2470.0513127010.1
Bosc PearsRaw Bosc Pears100.1NA0.1570.0514122010.13
Sweet CherriesRaw Sweet Cherries130.0620.36110.0721222000.07
PearsRaw Pears90.082.20.1870.05121160.110.1
Red Anjou PearsRaw Red Anjou Pears110.07NA0.1970.06131230.110.13
Bartlett PearsRaw Bartlett Pears90.08NA0.1960.04111010.110.08
WatermelonRaw Watermelon70.041.50.24100.04111120.410.1
LoquatsRaw Loquats160.04NA0.28130.15272660.610.05
Red Or Green GrapesRaw Red Or Green Grapes100.137.80.3670.07201910.120.07
CarissaRaw Carissa110.21NA1.316NA7260NA3NA
LimesRaw Limes330.07NA0.660.01181020.420.11
QuincesRaw Quinces110.13NA0.78NA171970.640.04
SapodillaRaw Sapodilla210.09NA0.812NA121930.6120.1
Pink GrapefruitRaw Pink and Red Grapefruit220.03NA0.0890.02181350.100.07
Asian PearsRaw Asian Pears40.05NA080.06111210.100.02
PummeloRaw Pummelo40.05NA0.1160.0217216NA10.08
Casaba MelonsRaw Casaba Melons110.06NA0.34110.0451820.490.07
GrapefruitRaw Grapefruit120.0510.0980.0181390.300.07
Java-plumRaw Java-plum19NANA0.1915NA1779NA14NA

Minerals in Top 100 Fruits with the lowest Vitamin B3 content per 100g

In the above table you can find and compare the amount of minerals in all fruits , sorted by minimum Amount of Vitamin B3 per 100 grams.

Top 5 fruits with minimum amount of vitamin b3 per 100 grams are:

  1. Candied fruit
  2. Drained Canned Maraschino Cherries
  3. Canned Ripe Jumbo Olives
  4. Canned Small Ripe Olives
  5. Pears, canned, water pack, solids and liquids