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100 g100 kcal
Apples no SkinRaw Apples without skin50.03NA0.0740.041190000.05
Candied fruitCandied fruit180.03NA0.1740.115560.6980.05
Canned Jumbo OlivesCanned Ripe Jumbo Olives940.23NA3.3240.02390.97350.22
Canned Prune JuicePrune juice, canned120.07601.18140.15252760.640.21
Stewed PrunesStewed dehydrated Prunes240.2NA1.17210.137353NA20.25
CranberriesRaw Cranberries80.06NA0.2360.2711800.120.09
Stewed Dried FigsFigs, dried, stewed700.12NA0.88290.22292940.240.24
Muscadine GrapesRaw Muscadine Grapes370.12NA0.26141.9724203NA10.11
Red Or Green GrapesRaw Red Or Green Grapes100.137.80.3670.07201910.120.07
Canned Papaya NectarPapaya nectar, canned100.01NA0.3430.010310.350.15
PrunesRaw Dehydrated Prunes720.61NA3.52640.311121058NA50.75
ApplesRaw Apples with skin60.033.30.1250.0411107010.04
KiwanoHorned melon130.02NA1.13400.0437123NA20.48
QuincesRaw Quinces110.13NA0.78NA171970.640.04
Golden RaisinsGolden Seedless Raisins640.23NA0.98350.231017460.7240.37
Seeded RaisinsRaisins, seeded280.3NA2.6300.27758250.6280.18
WatermelonRaw Watermelon70.041.50.24100.04111120.410.1
Sweet CherriesRaw Sweet Cherries130.0620.36110.0721222000.07
American Type GrapesRaw American Type Grapes140.04NA0.2950.72101910.120.04
Yellow PeachesRaw Yellow Peaches60.0740.2590.06201900.100.17

Minerals in Top 100 Fruits with the lowest Folate content per 100g

In the above table you can find and compare the amount of minerals in all fruits , sorted by minimum Amount of Folate per 100 grams.

Top 5 fruits with minimum amount of folate per 100 grams are:

  1. Bottled Apple Juice
  2. Raw Sulfured Dried Apples
  3. Raw Apples without skin
  4. Candied fruit
  5. Sweetened Dried Cranberries